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The Street Will Never Be The Same Again

The Street Will Never Be The Same Again

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    THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING – The most explosive, exhilarating, agile and intuitive performance street motorcycles we’ve ever made.
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    THREE MODELS, TO SUIT EVERY RIDER AND STYLE – from addictive everyday fun to full on track weapon.
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    MORE POWER, PERFORMANCE, TORQUE AND A RICHER TRIPLE SOUNDTRACK – from an all new 765cc engine with 3 power choices .
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    FULLY LOADED WITH STATE-OF-THE-ART RIDER FOCUSED TECHNOLOGY – with up to 5 riding modes and new 5’’ Colour TFT instruments on the R and RS models.
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    LIGHTER, MORE AGILE & BETTER HANDLING – the lightest bike in its class, with a higher all round specification and a power to weight ratio that’s key to its game changing performance.
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    MORE ATTITUDE, SHARPER STYLING AND A HIGHER LEVEL OF FINISH – with more contemporary and aggressive lines and a more imposing and athletic poise.

The Street Will Never Be The Same Again

Once in a generation a motorcycle comes along that literally changes everything, that sets a new benchmark in every way – power, weight, handling and looks.

The all-new 2017 Street Triple line up is without doubt the most exciting, dynamic, agile and intuitive performance street bikes we’ve ever made. Whether you’re looking for an addictive everyday ride or a full-on track weapon, with three options, the new Street triple S, R and RS delivers it all. Each come with their own unique tailor made level of power, performance, technology and suspension. All backed up by Triumph’s legendary capability, confidence and agile control.

Building on the Street’s well-earned reputation for its quality, character and style the new generation delivers more in every way. With a new higher capacity ‘Daytona’ derived 765cc triple engine for more power, performance and torque, delivering up to 123PS peak power at 11,700 rpm, an increase of 16% on the previous generation . Combined with more state-of-the-art technology, sharper styling, a more aggressive and athletic poise and the highest specification suspension, chassis and tyres ever.

To make the new Street Triple even more accessible the Street Triple R is also available in a dedicated lower seat height version. The Street Triple R Low Ride Height (LRH) model has its own unique suspension and seating set-up.

Whether you’re taking on the city streets, seeking the perfect line in the twisties, or hitting apex after apex on a race circuit – the revolution starts here.

Street Triple S – The New Street Champion

Setting a new standard, the stunning all-new Street Triple S serves up a thrilling, agile and addictive ride every day.

With stunning new street fighter looks, the highest level of finish ever, the new ‘S’ is lighter than its predecessor with higher spec tyres, Showa suspension and an all-new gullwing swingarm. Add to that its more powerful 765cc engine with up to 6.6% more peak power than the previous model at 113PS @ 11,250 rpm, ride-by-wire throttle, two riding modes, ABS and switchable traction control and you have a machine that’s serious fun.

Street Triple R – The Definitive Street Fighter

Taking the performance, specification and finish to a higher level, the Street Triple R delivers the perfect blend of power and performance for focused road riding.

With an even more powerful engine set-up, with up to 11.3% more peak power than the previous model at 118PS @ 12,000 rpm, the new 'R' delivers a host of additional features including four riding modes, new angle-adjustable, full-colour TFT instruments with 5″ screen, fully adjustable Showa suspension and Brembo M4.32 radial monobloc front brake calipers.

There is a dedicated lower seat height version of the new Street Triple R available, which comes with its own unique suspension and seating set-up for an even more accessible ride.

Street Triple RS – The Ultimate Performance Street

The range topping new Street Triple RS is the most explosive and adrenaline charged Street Triple we've ever built. At home on the track, and a weapon on the road, it literally tears up the rulebook and sets a whole new standard.

Taking the specification to the highest level its additional features include the most powerful engine in the family with up to 16% more peak power than the previous model at 123PS @ 11,700 rpm, Brembo M50 monobloc front brake calipers, fully adjustable Showa ’big-piston’ forks, Öhlins STX40 fully adjustable rear monoshock, an additional ‘track’ Riding Mode, lap timer, quickshifter and Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres.

New 765cc Triple Engine

Developed from the celebrated race bred 'Daytona' engine, the new 765cc Street Triple engine delivers a significant step up in power and torque. With more than 80 new parts including an increasd bore and stroke, new crank, pistons and Nikasil plated aluminium barrels, the result is a spectacular advance in performance, particularly low-down and in the mid-range.

Each of the new models come with their own unique 765cc engine set-up, ECU and tune, each tailored to deliver the character, power and performance best suited to the bikes style of rider and rider.

The new Street Triples also have an improved gear box with shorter 12st and 2nd gear ratios for better acceleration and revised geometry for slicker gear changes.

New Street Triple S – Redefined Power & Torque

The new engine set-up for the Street Triple S delivers more performance than the previous generation across the whole rev range and particularly low-down and in the mid-range.

The 'S' tune provides up to 6.6% more peak power than the previous generation, increasing to 113PS @ 11,250 rpm and a 7.3% increase in peak torque climbing to 73Nm @ 9,100 rpm.

New Street Triple R – Even More Power & Torque

The new Street Triple R's dedicated engine set-up, with its own model-specific crank shaft, delivers even more power and torque across the whole rev range and low-down.

The special 'R' tune increases peak power by up to 11.3% over the previous 'R' model, delivering 118PS @ 12,000 rpm and peak torque of 77Nm @ 9,400 rpm – a 13% increase on the previous 'R' model.

New Street Triple RS – The Highest Power Street Ever

The new Street Triple RS engine delivers the highest level of power ever for a Street Triple, making it the performance street motorcycles.

Peak power has increased by 16% over the previous model, delivering 123PS @ 11,700 rpm and peak torque has increased by 13%, providing 77Nm @ 10,800 rpm.

All New Exhaust System For Better Performance & Sound

The new Street Triple has a revised airbox, providing much better induction sound on acceleration, for a deeper and richer Triumph Triple roar. The all new exhaust system delivers better performance and style, minimising its visual effect and reducing the bike's overall weight.

There are two new silencer finishes, a beautifully designed 'S' model that perfectly suits its all-round riding focus and a more sportier styled silencer for the 'R' and 'RS' models, with crafted end caps and heat shield that enhance their performance looks.

New Slip-and-Assist Clutch

The Street Triple R and RS are both fitted with a new slip-and-assist clutch system that brings a lighter action and helps reduce clutch lever effort for the rider. The new system delivers even more rider comfort and control and acts to reduce wheel hop and chatter from the rear end under heavy braking.

Full Colour Adjustable TFT Instruments

The Street Triple R and RS models feature an all-new, angle adjustable, full-colour 5” TFT instrument pack that allows riders to access the host of state-of-the-art rider focused technology available from the new on-board computer.

There are three different screen display styles to choose from, which alter the layout of the information. These are pre-set to the riding modes, with the style set for ‘Sport’ and ‘Track’ modes focused more on the rev counter and gear position display, and the style set for ‘Road’ and ‘Rain’ modes with a greater focus on the speedometer.

Riders can change which style is shown easily and intuitively on the move, through the unique ‘info tray’ at the bottom of the screen.

To ensure that the screen is readable in all weather and light conditions, each of the three styles can be selected with ‘High’ or ‘Auto’ contrast which uses an integrated ambient light sensor to select the most appropriate setting automatically.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, the Street Triple RS comes with an additional set of 3 more screen display styles, giving the rider a choice of 6 in total. The second set presents a more dynamic display theme and includes the option of a lap timer – exclusive to the ‘RS’.

On the Street Triple S there is a fully revised LCD instrument pack, as featured on the latest generation Speed Triple. This allows the rider to select the riding modes, on the move or at a standstill, and access key information from the on-board computer, including odometer, fuel gauge, trip meter and journey distance.



The new ride-by-wire throttle on each of the new models delivers a crisper, more precise and more accurate throttle response, with improved on/off throttle transition. It also enables different throttle maps which, combined with the ABS and traction control settings, provides up to 5 selectable riding modes.

Riding Modes

Linked to the ride-by-wire system, the new Street Triples have much greater rider control with the introduction of riding modes which adjust throttle response, ABS and traction control settings at the touch of a button – either at a standstill, or on the move.

The Street Triple S delivers 2 modes with 'road' and 'rain'. The Street Triple R delivers 4 modes in total with the addition of 'sport' and a 'rider programmable' mode. The Street Triple RS delivers the highest level with 5 modes to choose from with the addition of a 'track' mode.

New On-Board Computer

The all new on-board computer gives the rider acess to all key information via the TFT screen. 

For the 'S' model these include, speedometer, rev counter, riding mode symbol, gear position display, fuel gauge, odometer, trip meter and journey distance.
The 'R' and 'RS' models present additional features including two trip displays, average and instantaneous fuel consumption, range to empty, riding mode selection, display style and contrast settings, service information, coolant temperature, warning symbol information and exclusively for the 'RS' model, a lap timer.

New Switch Cubes With 5 Way Joystick

To navigate the new instruments on the Street Triple R and RS there are all-new switch cubes with an intuitive 5-way joystick control that have been ergonomically optimised to be easy to use – either on the move, or at a standstill.

The Street Triple 'S' features the revised switch cubes set-up from the latest generation Speed Triple.


The latest generation anti-lock braking system brings a new level of control on all models. The ABS is also switchable on the Street Triple R and RS through the 'rider' programmable riding mode, which can be adjusted to suit (road and track modes) or turned off completely if desired.

Switchable Traction Control

Traction control manages both the power and torque when traction is compromised, maximising rider safety and control. The traction control is switchable on all models.

On the Street Triple S it can be managed via the instrument menu, by selecting 'road' or 'rain' riding modes – each with a dedicated traction control setting built in.

On the Street Triple R and RS, traction control can be managed through the 'rider' programmable riding mode, by selecting the desired traction control setting – 'road', 'rain', 'track', 'sport', or 'off'.

Gear Position Indicator

The Street Triple R and RS feature a useful gear position indicator, accessible through the 5″ full colour TFT instruments.

Quick Shifter

The new Street Triple RS model is fitted with a quick shifter, allowing for clutchless upshifts of up to 2.5x quicker than a skilled rider using a standard clutch upshift.

DRL Headlight

The new Street Triple line up all  feature new headlights designed for a more aggressive stance.

Lighter, More Agile & Better Handling

Leaner and meaner than ever, the new Street Triple models are lighter than the previous generation, holding their position as the lightest bikes in class.

The weight reduction combined with the new higher power 765cc engine delivers an amazing power to weight ratio that is key to the game changing performance of the new 'Streets' delivering a truly explosive, agile and exciting ride.

Maximum High Speed Stability

An all-new gullwing rear swingarm has been specifically designed for the new Street Triple range, resulting in increased longitundinal torsional stiffness, combined with an engineered reduction in lateral stiffness.

This maximizes stability at the higher speeds achieved by the new Street Triples, for greater rider confidence and safety for a more natural resistance to compression of the rear suspension unit under hard acceleration. This delivers tighter corner exit capability and a more precise chassis behaviour, which can be felt on both road and track.

Higher Specification Suspension

The new Street Triple range is fitted with a higher specification suspension all round, developed and tuned specifically for the new models.

The Street Triple S comes with Showa upside-down ø41mm separate function front forks with 110mm travel and a stepped preload-adjustable piggyback reservoir monoshock rear suspension unit.

The Street Triple R comes with ø41mm upside-down fully adjustable Showa separate function big piston front forks with 115mm travel for improved riding comfort without compromise and a Showa piggyback reservoir monoshock rear suspension unit.

And the Street Triple RS comes with the highest-specification Showa big piston ø41mm front forks, adjustable for preload, rebound and compression damping. The rear suspension unit is a premium Öhlins STX40 piggyback reservoir monoshock.

Incredible Stopping Power

The new Street Triple line up all come with a higher specification brake set-up than the previous generation.

The Street Triple S model is fitted with Nissin 2-piston sliding calipers on the front and a Brembo single piston sliding caliper on the back.

The Street Triple R has Brembo M4.32 4-piston radial monobloc calipers that deliver greatly improved stopping power over the previous Street Triple R and a Brembo single piston sliding caliper on the back.

And the Street Triple RS has range topping Brembo M50 4-piston radial monobloc calipers on the front delivering class leading stopping power, with ratio and span adjustable lever and a Brembo single piston sliding caliper on the back.

Higher Specification Tyres

High specification performance tyres have been fitted to the all-new Street Triples to compliment their higher performance and sporting prowess.

The Street Triple S and R models are fitted with premium Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tyres which deliver sharp and precise handling as well as excellent stability and grip on the road

The Street Triple RS comes with a range topping Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres, that deliver advanced sporting performance for road and the occasional track use.

Accessible Seat Height

All of the new line-up maintain the Street Triple's reputation for comfort and ride-ability with a truly accessible seat height.

The Street Triple R Low Ride Height (LHR) version brings an even greater level of accessibility for every rider.

More Attitude, Sharper Styling

The new Street Triple range takes the distinctive and dynamic styling of the original to a whole new level, incorporating more of the Speed Triple ‘nose down focused attitude’, with enhanced contemporary and aggressive lines, new bodywork, a new sportier twin-seat design and the highest level of finish throughout.

New Body Work & Contemporary Detailing

The new Street Triple range features all new more contemporary and sharper styled bodywork with stunning detailing, including new radiator cowls, front and rear mudguards and rear body panels.

A new body colour matched fly screen has also been introduced, along with an integrated air intake, derived from the latest generation Speed Triple. This comes in two versions designed to suit the different rider and riding styles. On the ‘R’ and ‘RS’ models the fly screen has a more aggressive, sharper and sportier profile. On the ‘S’ model the fly screen has a more road focussed profile with greater aero protection.

The Street Triple RS has an even higher level of finish with colour coded belly pan, colour coded pillion seat cowl with interchangeable pillion seat (as standard) and lower chain guard.

Sharper & Sportier Twin Seat Design

The new Street Triples all feature an all-new sharper, sportier twin seat design, that has been inspired by the Daytona R – with no compromise to comfort.

The Street Triple R and RS models have an enhanced premium material construction, finished with elegant seat stitching detailing.

High Quality Details & Features

The new Street Triple range is packed with high quality details, including new rider heel guards and forged pillion footrest hangers, giving each a more individual style.

The Street Triple S has a black powder coated main frame, sub-frame and swingarm. The Street Triple R  features Triumph’s signature red rear sub-frame and wheel pinstripes, and the Street Triple RS has an all-new matt aluminium silver painted rear sub-frame.

60+ Street Triple Accessories

The new Street Triple S, R and RS have over 60 accessories available, allowing you to enhance your bike's performance, protection, style and detailing. Each accessory is selectable via the online configurator which allows you to try out different components and looks to create your own unique ‘Street’.

Street Performance

The new Street Triples' performance can be enhanced further with a range of accessories that include a quickshifter, Arrow exhausts* and adjustable brake and clutch levers.

*Availability of the Arrow exhausts is governed by local market legislation – please check with us for availability.

Street Style

You can add additional styling and detail enhancements to the new Street Triples with stylish accessories that include a colour coded seat cowl and belly pan, LED bullet indicators*, rear clear LED light assembly, CNC machined front and rear brake reservoir and bar end mirrors.

*Availability of the LED indicators is governed by local market legislation – please check with us for availability.


You can add extra protection to the new Street Triples with a range of accessories that include a swing arm protector kit, frame protector kit and lower chain guard.

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